A Yoga teacher, politician and a house cleaner…

Not to be followed by “walk into a bar”!

Nope, this just my life. I could add a few more in there like mother, wife, business owner, social media marketer, special events organizer, volunteer, business consultant for the state of Colorado and even salesman. I often get the question “How do you do it all?” or the not so polite “you’re crazy, why do you do it all?”. So, I often ask myself the same questions just to make sure that I am not in fact “crazy”.  The roommate of the mind sometimes begins to ask more questions… Is it against my zen-like yoga roots to do so much?  Am I a hypocrite when I lead my students through blissful, calming guided meditations and restorative yoga classes?  Am I doing too much?

The answer is quite simple, no. I can do it because I have support.

I am a person of many passions.  Thankfully my partner in life understands this, as do my close family and friends.  So there’s the base layer of my foundation.

When I sit in front of an audience of citizens and staff in City Council chambers every week I tap into the voices of everyone who voted me into office and who care about the future of our town.  I know that I am there to make positive changes and be the voice of the town. There’s another layer of foundation.

When I scrub a toilet, paint another persons house or sell a business an advertising opportunity I think about how happy my kids are in all the activities and experiences they are exposed to because of these odd jobs I take on.  Photos of my daughter’s trip to Florida last spring run in carousel format through my mind and I smile inside knowing that I made that trip a possibility for her. In essence, the humbling nature of my blue collar jobs is a layer of my foundation.

When I counsel a business owner for the Colorado Small Business Development Center (SBDC) or my Firekeeper business, and that “light bulb” comes on behind their eyes as I help them uncover an untapped business opportunity or new outlook my heart is joyous. When another entrepreneurial endeavor succeeds in my town, I am blissful because I am a LOVER of this spirit. Other’s successes are part of my foundation.

When I see a non-profit’s bank account fill in part because of my weeks or months of planning for that special event, my soul fills… adding to my foundation.

As I paddle, peddle, hike, ski or walk through this phenomenally beautiful landscape that I call home I feel that foundation firmly seated in my soul.

Every-time I roll out my mat, attend a teacher training, place my hands on a student to give a helpful enhancement or sit down to plan out a content-rich class or workshop that foundation gets thicker.

Because I have deep roots, pillars, foundations that I call passions I can do all that I have the time and energy to do. If I find myself over-extended I am happy to use the words “thank you but I can’t at this time”. I have learned over the years that when you are a do-er, many people want you on their team which feeds the ego but is not sustainable. I have also learned to lean on others, to ask for help when help is needed. I am so blessed with a rock solid group of friends that are incredibly intelligent, supportive and “on it”.

Take a moment today to identify that which holds you up.  What in your life serves as your rock and foundation? What are your support systems? Is it people? Athletic activities? Faith? Artistic pursuits? Writing? Learning? Making? Listening? Take a moment of gratitude for the foundations in your life. Know that from these foundations you can grow to new heights!