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So much to do… so little time

Having owned a yoga studio for over a decade, I know that summer is a SLOW time for our Gunnison studio.  The opposite is true for many studio owners, including our friends just up the road in Crested Butte at Yoga For The Peaceful.  Their pace is FAST in the summer with a prime location on Elk Avenue, second home-owners and summer visitors filling the classes and some of the BEST visiting yoga teachers and musicians.  In Gunnison our studio is relatively quiet. You may show up to a class with only a handful of folks or less. Classes get cancelled for lack of attendance and financially things get a little tight. But we don’t panic because we know that in the fall the classes will re-fill and everything will be back to normal.


Well, they are riding bikes, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, boating, going to festivals, traveling, watching their kids in various summer sports, gardening…. and the list goes on. Living in a place that is covered in snow and ice from mid-November until late May (or later) creates this pressure to DO.  To go.  To recreate. You hear it every day, “summer is so busy”, “where did the summer go”.  Although we want so badly to get out and enjoy our beautiful weather and amazing opportunities, are we losing the point?

Does all this rushing and cramming as many possible experiences into every second of our day negate the potential of the moment?

Something to ponder as you pack your calendar to the brim.  Perhaps mark your calendar for a weekend of nothing.  Maybe you could take an hour every day of breathing, meditating and rolling out your mat.  Perhaps the joyous summer will pause and the frantic feelings will subside and you will find yourself fully in the present… enjoying it all.





3 things you can do for a better summer

Summer is upon us and with every change of season is the chance to create new patterns for a healthier, fuller life.  Some suggestions for this time of year:

1.  Re-evaluate your commitments – are you an over-committer?  I know I am.  Its a characteristic of myself that I’ve been working on for years.  In our society we often use the phrase “multi-tasker” which is really a falsehood.  Did you know that the human brain literally cannot perform more than one task at a time?  So that means we are constantly asking the brain to “jump” from one task to the next. As you probably know, this causes a great amount of stress on us both physically and mentally.  So… with the changing of season perhaps this is a great time to commit to less and actually be productive at more.

2.  How’s your sleep?  We all know that sleep is important but research has shown that lack of sleep can actually decrease your lifespan!  Crazy that an hour more a day can actually equal out to a longer life…  and who doesn’t want that.  If you have difficulty sleeping there are some basic yoga postures that can help you.  These include asanas that have a lot of energetic “heaviness” such as forward folds like seated forward bend, child’s pose, movements on all-fours, etc.  Dietary-wise avoid the obvious: caffeine and sugar.  Something you may not thought about is food that take longer to digest is not great right before you lay down in a horizontal position.  Avoid heavy meals with lots of creams, meats and fat.  My husband is not a vegetarian but he is after 1:00 pm!  He was battling insomnia and he found that if he made this dietary adjustment, he could sleep.  Finally, UNPLUG before you attempt to sleep.  A few hours before you want to drift to sleep turn your phone to airplane mode, turn off your computer and TV and relax. Instead of electronics try re-patterning your nighttime routine with reading, playing a game with your family or taking a relaxing bath.  With a restful sleep you will find yourself feeling more alert, less sore and probably a little more positive the next day.

3.  Invite the Positive People Into Your Life! Are the people around you pulling you down?  Do you have friendships that feel like more of a drain than a lift?  If so, its time for a little cleansing of the address book.  I’m not saying that if someone is a bummer one day that you have to de-friend them.  But if you find that one of your friendships is chronically negative its time to cut the proverbial cord.  Its not easy, especially if you have been friends for a very long time.  Just know that it doesn’t have to be done all at once but with care and love it can be accomplished over time.  It can be done through a transition of more time spent with the people who make you feel energized, that get your creative energy flowing, that motivate you to reach higher, be better and feel better.  I have had to make this call a few times in my life and although at first it was a huge stressor, at the end I was a happier, more authentic me.

If applied, these three suggestions will result in a healthier, clearer and more joyous you.  When YOU are living at your highest vibration won’t you effect even greater results, thus making everyone around you and essentially your world a better place?  I think so.

-Leia Morrison May 16, 2014