How Diana Found Her Courage to Create

How Diana Found Her Courage to Create
by Joe Cachey
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Hi, I’m Diana’s husband —
Can I tell you a secret about Diana?  Perhaps you know she loves Venice, but did you also know about her love for Kundalini yoga and meditation?  And how it helped her create her bestselling books?
In her Amazon best-sellers, What Happens in Venice, Books 1 through 3, the main characters, Louisa and Barbara, chase clues to a mystery that are planted by ghosts. Diana chases something just as etherial but much more tangible — a connection to her Infinite Source!
Some people don’t believe in ghosts and, for others, the Infinite is just too big to contemplate, let alone connect with.  But just like the ghosts of Venice in Diana’s books, there are clues, signs and signals that direct all of us to our intended purpose, our reason for being, our universal truth.
Diana knew she had a story to tell, that her purpose was to share her intimate love of Venice and bring joy to readers around the world.  But, like many of us, she kept hitting roadblocks, both real and imagined … she continued to stumble and couldn’t finish her books because of these blocks.
Then she attended an all day Kundalini White Tantric event in Los Angeles. She connected with the energy of the room (over 700 people meditating together) and it led her to understood that the only thing blocking her was a lack in the faith that she already had everything she needed to complete her books.  She connected to her Infinite Source through the technology of Kundalini – the yoga of self awareness.
Since that moment in LA, she’s practiced Kundalini Yoga on a daily basis. She spends an hour a day doing a prescribed kriya (a defined set of poses) as well as meditation and chanting. The daily discipline and daily reinforcement of her universal truth moves her through any perceived challenges that might otherwise keep her from her goal of bringing joy to others and experiencing peace herself.  Her meditation practice helps her find a way through every block!
After six months of regular practice, What Happens in Venice was completed and is now published.  Check out the first two books, Love Spirits and Lagoon Lure here.  The third book and final installment, Magic Island, is due out this month!
From afar, Diana makes life and writing look easy, but there’s a lot of hard work behind the apparent success she experiences.  Much of it is attributed to a daily meditative discipline. The good news is that Diana’s experience with Kundalini Yoga is not unique. Thousands of Kundalini practitioners make it their habit to reconnect to their universal truth every day.  Many others experience the benefits of Kundalini yoga and meditation on a weekly basis at local classes.
Louisa and Barbara solve their mystery and Diana has solved hers. How about you?  Embrace your courage to create!
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