Function over fear: the brilliance beyond beta

fireFunction over fear: the brilliance beyond beta by Delaney Keating

Fear is a continuum that challenges our intuition, objectivity or growth from moment to moment – when to move, when to retreat and when to push forward. It ignites action, it causes stagnation – it pushes us beyond false boundaries.

Within the patterns of our cognition it exists largely in the beta brainwave. The beta wave is our most alert state and corresponds to stress, linear thinking, reductionism and FEAR. The majority of us live out most of our days in beta mode, which may have an effect on our physical, intellectual, emotional spiritual states.

Of course the beta wave is necessary, but we have three other major waveforms to explore: alpha, theta and delta.  So, with an option of four pathways to explore every day, why choose ONE?!

Frost didn’t say: Two roads diverged in a wood and I chose the same one every day!  Spinning in one direction will make you dizzy.  Doing the same thing over and over will make you crazy.  Living in fear causes undue stress and limits freedom.

We are multidimensional beings and are missing out on the best parts of ourselves that can be discovered within the other wave forms available at conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels.  This  ability to train, practice and explore our dimensionality is what makes us human.

Yoga, meditation and biofeedback are gateways to exploring the vastness of our existence, and to solving biological conflicts within our various planes of stress and adaptability.  They are technologies for training the brain how to objectively process fear and how to code our experiences optimally.

When we come to yoga and we speak about “coming into our bodies versus working on our bodies” or “leaving our busy lives at the door” – we are asking you to turn down the volume on your beta brainwave.  We come to train our brains and bodies simultaneously. We come to explore the vastness of our multidimensional existence.

Through the use of fluid movements in conjunction with rhythmic breathing we can control our brainwaves and begin to tune into deeper states of cognition. We can tune into to the alpha wave and expand the periphery of our senses, process holistically and allow for creative flow and tranquility.  We can grow from the inside out.

Going into deeper meditative states we can also tune into our theta brainwaves and really begin to explore consciousness, intuition, insight and complex problem solving.  Into the deep with the delta waves, we regenerate and restore, so that we can do it all again tomorrow. (not the same as snoring in savasana, but catch some zzzs if in need)

In simplest terms – it’s mind over matter and harnessing the power to navigate space and time upon the cogs of our own potential.  It’s the ability to experience fewer false fears – those tricky little bits that act like sticks in the spokes of movement forward.  When we glimpse the magic of it, we become dutiful, disciplined soldiers in pursuit of our destiny.

brilliance lies outside the lines
beyond the boundaries
that you put there