Good Vibrations and Universal Excitations!

Good Vibrations and Universal Excitations!
by David and Joe

You don’t have to be a Beach Boy to enjoy havin those good vibrations.  Each of us has our own unique vibration that speaks to everyone else and to the universe at large.  Modern science has shown that everything vibrates – from atoms to water to steel beams.  As living beings our cells vibrate as do our nervous systems and our entire self – this is commonly known as our aura.
Our most direct and impactful vibration comes through sound with our spoken word.  Words can alter a present situation and steer the future but often we don’t contemplate or appreciate the power of our speech.  Try this little experiment:  Spend a day saying “No” to everyone and the next day say “Yes” to everyone.  Compare how you feel, what you think and how others treat you each day.  The underlying authority of sound vibration is what makes the practice of chanting so powerful.
Likewise, the vibration of our cells and nervous system sends signals to the world about how we’re doing and what we want.  And we can sense this in others.  We’ve each experienced a time when someone walked into the room and we felt an immediate connection or overwhelming repulsion!  Not a word was spoken but information was transmitted.  
The Universe works on the same principle.  We are constantly vibrating out our intentions, wants and needs.  These vibrations return to us in the form of emotions, physical manifestations and mental attributes.  Most people don’t know what they’re vibrating.  They end up receiving confused messages from the world, leading to drama, chaos and confusion.  It’s like they’re speaking a foreign language but don’t know the meaning behind the sounds they’re making.  How would a reasonable listener react to such gibberish?  With confusion and chaotically.  Note that the creator’s intent is irrelevant.  Intention is an inward journey whereas vibration faces outward.  Nor is it about just thinking positive thoughts.  That method helps but it mainly focuses inwardly on the mind.
This ability to unintentionally send the wrong message is why it’s important to understand the mechanics of universal vibration, how one can modify and control their vibes, and how to openly receive the sought after gift from the world.   Vibration work focuses on the entire body and chakra system, and sending vibrations out into the world.  It also sensitizes you to the reception of incoming signals.
If you can maintain a fairly consistent vibration it becomes a frequency.  A beacon of communication and desire emanating from you and returning to you 100 fold.  Conscious frequency is the sweet spot and those that achieve it are serene, content and never in fear.
We have both directly experienced the benefits of conscious vibrational work.  We know it works and want to share it with you.  That is why we’re holding a Vibrational Tuning Workshop, Saturday, January 14th from 11am to 1pm at The Sanctuary.  The investment is $25 and your time.  By attending you will already be signaling the universe that you’re ready to receive peace of mind and harmony.