March is Love Your Brain Awareness Month

Love Your Brain!

Throughout the month of March the Sanctuary Studio will be participating!

“LoveYourBrain is the message that embodies our positive approach to brain injury prevention and recovery. Everything we do is about connecting, educating and empowering people to promote a brain healthy lifestyle.”

We will have a donation jar out on the counter and ALL of your donations will go directly to LOVEYOURBRAIN.ORG.  We will also be offering four “pay what you can” donation based classes during the month. 

Donation classes will be:

  • Saturday March 7th 9-10:30 am with Caroline
  • Sunday March 8th 9-10 am with Lynn
  • Sunday March 15th 5-6 pm with Karah
  • Saturday March 21st 9-10:30 am with Joe Cachey


About LoveYourBrain (from

LoveYourBrain Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life for people affected by brain injury. We are a growing family of like minded individuals who believe that the brain is our most important piece of equipment. Our message—LoveYourBrain—embodies our positive approach to brain injury prevention, recovery, and brain health.

LoveYourBrain Foundation was established by brothers, Kevin Pearce and Adam Pearce, in 2014. This marked the fourth year since Kevin Pearce suffered a near fatal traumatic brain injury while training for the 2010 winter Olympics. Kevin’s remarkable road to recovery has inspired millions through the HBO documentary “The Crash Reel”, Kevin’s speaking engagements, and now, through the programs pioneered by the LoveYourBrain Foundation.

LoveYourBrain Foundation develops products and experiences that optimize brain health. Through the themes of Connect + Educate + Empower, we are building a community that supports you and those you care about to LoveYourBrain. By helping people protect and nourish the brain, we believe our efforts will lead to a healthy, happier world!

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