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Are you a …

  • Yoga teacher
  • Healer
  • Martial Arts Teacher
  • Dance Teacher
  • Mental Health Specialist
  • Teacher of the Somatic Arts
  • Body-worker
  • Tai Chi
  • Acro Instructor
  • Arial Arts Teacher

If you would like to join our community here at the Sanctuary Studio don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your idea. We are located in a vital and diverse community close to downtown Gunnison. We are 5 minutes walk from Main Street and 10 minutes walk from Western State Colorado University. Our space is usable for a wide range of group activities. A Tai Chi class, room rental for massage, maybe a meditation or pranayama class would all be a good fit.  All classes are promoted through our contact lists and marketed via our website and social media channels.

Teacher Rent is due on the 1st of the month.

  • Please make your check out to the South Main Studios, LLC and leave in the metal cash box under the sign in desk.
  • This fee covers the overhead expenses at the studio such as rent, utilities and monthly expenses (memberships & email marketing).
  • Private instruction can be scheduled around other classes. Please utilize the Google calendar as well as the printed calendar behind the front desk.
  • All classes and privates should have a 15 minute window scheduled between them.
  • $75 per month for teaching 1 class per week
  • $150 per month for teaching 2 classes per week + 1 private per week
  • $200 per month for teaching 3 classes per week + 1 private per week
  • There is no extra fee for teaching the Saturday or Sunday morning classes 9-10:30am (average take home is $60).
  • Teachers agree to the terms listed in the “Agreement” form.

Teacher Cost Breakdown:

  • Teach 1 class per week- cost to you is *$75 per month (that’s for a 60-90 minute group class)
  • Teach 2 classes per week – *$150 per month (that’s for two 60-90 minute group classes +1 private per week)
  • Teach 3 classes per week (discounted) – *$200 per month (that’s for three 60-90 minute classes + 1 private per week)
  • Special event rental for workshops, extra private instruction, etc. is $20 per hour (non-co-op pay $30/hr.)

*Fees may vary by semester depending on the # of co-op participants we acquire.

What your monthly fee covers

  • Rent/Utilities
  • Access to student data base (currently over 500 contacts) via Constant Contact
  • Bio, blog, class description & class listing (schedule) on the gunnisonsanctuary.com website
  • Access to our social media feeds: Facebook (1,107 fans), Twitter (174 Followers @GunnyYoga) & Instagram (623 followers #gunnison_sanctuary)
  • Memberships for the Sanctuary such as Yogafinder, Yoga Trail (for the Sanctuary Studio, each teacher should keep up their own individual Yoga Trail membership)
  • Power of collaboration. Community who co-creates together, cross promotes one another and markets together!!!
  • Use of all existing props (over 20 of each) large bolsters, yoga mats, cork blocks, blankets and folding chairs
  • Use of sound system (CD player or auxiliary input)
  • Use of 700+ square foot of beautiful heated studio space indoors and over 900 square foot fenced in lawn for outdoor use.  Dressing room, bathroom and small refrigerator as well.
  • Access to Facebook Sanctuary private co-op group where you can exchange ideas, find substitutes and get questions answered by your co-op friends.
  • Property Insurance
  • Simplicity!  Pay your monthly fee, market yourself & the studio, fill up your classes and the Sanctuary takes 0% of your earnings. Simple!!!!!

Sample member take home

Sample monthly member revenue based upon a teacher with 2 classes per week, each student paying $10. What is not calculated into this income example is income from Saturday or Sunday morning class as well as any take home for 1 private per week. Possible income from privates add $440 per month (estimated at $55/hr) for each figure below.

  • 2 students per group class $160 per month
  • 3 students per class $240 per month
  • 4 student per class $320 per month
  • 5 students per class $400 per month
  • 6 students per class $480 per month
  • 7 students per class $560 per month
  • 8 students per class $640 per month
  • 9 students per class $720 per month
  • 10 students per class $800 per month

Each member teacher is responsible for

  • Provide proof of teaching certifications and a copy of your Liability Insurance to Joe Bob Merritt ( via email or hard copy). Only teachers that have gone through a certification, an official teacher training program or those who are currently enrolled in such program can be a member of the Sanctuary team. Those not filling these requirements may choose to be on the substitute list.
  • Attend a quarterly meeting.
  • Maintain professional affiliations with organizations such as Yoga Alliance.
  • Collect money – a set class fee of $10 has been established. Teachers may choose to accept credit cards – if so, you will need to do that independently. Teachers may also choose to set up a “punch card” system to offer multiple classes to students, however the set “per” class fee of $10 must not change.
  • Ensure that all students have a signed waiver on file
  • Market your own classes & workshops – this includes providing the Executive Director with bio, class description, notice of class cancellations, etc.
  • Help to upkeep the studio with light cleaning daily. Follow the “pre and post class checklist” posted behind the front desk.
  • Monthly purchases of shared items (such as toilet paper, tissues, soap, etc) Cost is around $3-5 per month.
  • Keep your own liability insurance & professional memberships current & provide proof of these to the Executive Director.
  • Pay your share of the rent by the 1stof each month. Please make your checks out to South Main Studios, LLC.
  • Members must commit to teaching their regular weekly classes for an entire “semester”. Our “semesters” are: September- December, January – May and June – August. As of May 2017 the co-op will be re-evaluated and may be disbanded or continued based upon performance since September.
  • Up-keep & purchase your own props. Members are welcome to use the studio’s props and equipment that are already at the studio but from there, teachers are responsible for purchasing your own props & equipment.
  • Set up substitute teachers for any classes you may need to miss. Your monthly fee does not vary regardless of absences.
  • Arrive for their classes at least 15 minutes before start time.
  • Help distribute flyers and schedules around the valley.
  • From time to time the group may collectively decide to purchase marketing materials such as stickers, t-shirts, etc. Each co-op member will “split” the cost of these expenses.

Not ready to commit to a weekly class but would like to be on the substitute list?

  • Provide Executive Director with a copy of your certification and liability insurance to have on file.
  • Ask to become a member of the Facebook page
  • Provide Executive Director with your current phone number & email address. You will be contacted directly by co-op teachers looking for a substitute.
  • Arrive for that class at least 15 minutes before start time.
  • You will receive 70% of the class income for the day you sub.
  • If student is using a punch card, please “punch” that student’s card before class. Communicate with regular teacher how much they owe you for these punch card students.
  • Please turn off all lights, put all props away and lock doors before you leave. Follow the “pre and post class checklist” posted behind the front desk.

Not ready to commit to the co-op model but would like to run a workshop at the studio?

  • Special event rental $30 per hour
  • You may charge whatever you like for the workshop, you receive 100% of the class/workshop income.
  • Please turn off all lights, put all props away and lock doors before you leave. Follow the “pre and post class checklist” posted behind the front desk.

Contact executive director Joe Bob Merritt at


(970) 209-6587

 if you have any further questions.


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Yoga & meditation classes for all.