Soooo, its election day

My mom isn’t voting. She cannot bring herself to vote for Trump because of his wicked words and tasteless actions. She cannot bring herself to vote for Clinton because she doesn’t “trust” her. I asked her why  she doesn’t trust her, I assumed it was the dreaded email controversy and she said it wasn’t that. She thought about it for a while as we sat playing cards and drinking red wine.  After a few minutes she finally said, “well I guess it’s just the fact that she’s a woman”.

I was floored. My blood started to burn under my skin and my face got even more red (I always get red when I drink red wine). But I took a deep breath and I said “you know I think you just expressed what a lot of people feel but are unwilling to voice out loud”. Even if I hadn’t believed it before it came out of my mouth once it was out there I realized it for the trust it was!  I do think that being a woman somehow makes you less trustworthy in the eyes of many.

As many of you know, I’m a small town politician as well as a yoga teacher and I am often amused and often frustrated by how in a room full of men I am still seen as the outsider to some degree. When I feel impassioned by a topic such as street safety I am accused (on three occasions by other women) of letting my “personal feelings” cloud my judgement!!! On the other hand, my male counterparts are commended for “sticking to their guns” and for “championing the cause”. So what I’m understanding is that men are praised for their ability to stand up for what they feel is the best decision for their community but women should just be silent, less their emotions get the best of them.

Hillary Clinton has been accused of being “guarded” over the course of her political career but in a climate where misogyny still reins wouldn’t you be too?  She has been held to incredibly different standards than her male counterparts but there are still a large percentage of the American public who “just doesn’t trust her”. I think that if people who are “on the fence” about her could really just face the fact that they don’t trust her because she’s a woman then we could move ahead. As they say, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

~By Leia Morrison lead-with-love